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AK034 chicken roaster

* Made of stainless steel material, high temperature resistance, no deformation, safe and healthy food contact.

* The hollowed design at the bottom of the baking tray not only makes the roast chicken evenly heated, but also leaks oil well.

* The column is detachable, when there is a column, beer can be introduced into the column; when without a column, ​it can be used as an ordinary baking dish to bake vegetables and fruits.

* Perfect barbecue utensils to meet your various cooking needs.

* User-friendly baking tray, it is easy to move, don't forget to bring insulated gloves during use.
More Details
Product name:    chicken roaster 
Model NO.:       AK034                           
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China         
Brand Name:    can be customized         
size:      378x305x97mm           
wire dia:     6.0mm  
Thickness:   1.0   column: 0.8mm     
Weight:          960g                           
Tool Type:          kitchen tools    , BBQ accessories                           
Material:         Stainless steel
Logo:                laser ( can be customized )
Packing:          can be customized