AX002 Meat Pulling/Shredding Claws

* The claws are a better way to carry large cuts of meat from the grill to the table. Lift or turn large cuts of meats on a hot grill with ease. Great for handling whole chickens and turkeys.

* Curved stainless steel claws and sharp tips make it easy to shred cooked meats. The comfort grip handles provide more control when shredding, and the long claws keep hands away from heat.

* The claws can be used to carry cuts of meat and whole birds from the grill to a cutting surface to be shredded quickly and easily. Useful for them to scooping charcoal for the grill
More Details
Product name:   Meat Pulling/Shredding Claws
Model NO.:       AX002                          
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China         
Brand Name:    can be customized         
size:       130x105x25mm          
wire dia:     4.0mm       
Weight:       164g                              
Tool Type:          kitchen tools    , BBQ accessories                           
Material:        TPR,  stainless steel 
Logo:                laser ( can be customized )
Packing:            color box  252x200x30mm