AY003 Cold Smoke Generator for BBQ

* made of 304 stainless steel Can be used repeatedly, will not rust is more solid more durable than ordinary iron.

* Add different kinds of Wood Chips (apple, pecan, hickory, mesquite, oak, cherry or different species of fruit trees). This Cold Smoke Generator provides smoky flavor to your smoked meat, cheese, pork, fish, turkey, ribs and more.

* Light the wood sawdust with blowtorch and smoking wood can dust bring about for 7 hours of smoke(The smoking wood dust need to buy it yourself ,Specific length of smoke time vary according to the type and quantity of wood dust added)
More Details
Product name:  Cold Smoke Generator                  
Model NO.:        AY003                           
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China         
Brand Name:    can be customized         
size:                   213x182x456mm
Thickness:         2.7mm  
Weight:              247g                          
Tool Type:          BBQ accessories                                
Material:           Stainless steel 304
Function:          smoke the foods             
Logo:                 can be customized
Surface:             electrolytic                                
Packing:             color box