SA181 Grill Cleaner Pads and Holder

* These durable Grill Cleaner Pads and Holder will scrape off even underlying stains.It doesn't absorb grease or odors and it is well designed to clean metal surfaces without leaving deep scratches.

* Great to grime off and restore its original shine and make it look like brand new again. This removes burnt-on food and grease to assure sanitary dining experience and satisfaction

* Features a commercial grade abrasive for effective removal of tough stains. This helps grills and griddles maintain clean and sanitized. It can also be used with almost any surface.
More Details
Product name:   Grill Cleaner Pads and Holder
Model NO.:  SA181                               
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China         
Brand Name:    can be customized         
size:       88x148x60mm          
Weight:     72g                                
Tool Type:          kitchen tools    , BBQ accessories                           
Material:         scouring pad + pp handle 
Logo:                can be customized 
Packing:            can be customized