SJ027 Aluminum Scissor Tongs

* perfect for barbecues,camping, picnics and other outdoor activities. the grill tongs are designed to keep your hands clear of moving parts. the handles have smooth edges for a pleasant touch. forget about overly-tight springs that tire your thumbs. our grill tongs do not use springs and will never tire your hands.

* sturdy and durable made from a solid lightweight alloy, these tongs are tough enough to lift heavy objects with ease, strong and sturdy to maintain its shape under heavy use, and durable to last a lifetime.

* comfortable grip, easy on your hands - never pinch your hand again
More Details
Product name:  Aluminum Scissor Tongs 
Model NO.:    SJ027                              
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China         
Brand Name:    can be customized         
size:       390x98x16mm          
Thickness:   3.0mm        
Weight:     125g                                
Tool Type:          kitchen tools    , BBQ accessories                           
Material:          aluminum
Logo:               can be customized
Packing:            can be customized